Information Communication Audits

There is specific information that students require to make an informed decision about which university they select.  The five key areas are: 

    • University - General
    • Teaching Quality
    • Faculties/Schools
    • Admissions
    • Student Support

Within each area there are a number of criteria.  All of the required information needs to be accesible, the content and presentation must be engaging and relevant.  This is H.E Coms speciality, we carry out information communication audits on university websites and electronic communications.  H.E Coms is also able to undertake consultations and workshops to improve information communications.

    • Find the relevant webpage for the required information criteria
    • Highlighting missing information areas
    • Measuring relevant information source pages  in terms of navigation, content and presentation.  
    • Advising on how to make information accessible and the content and presentation relevant and engaging

Each of the five information areas  are presented as a seperate report with the each criteria linked to the relevant webpage and given a score to reflect  navigation, content and criteria.  So as to improve web page scores we advise on how to make improvements to navigation, content and presentation.  This process will ensure engaged and informed students increasing enquiries, applications and enrolments.    

"Students want communications that make them feel that the university is interested in them as a student"