Communication Strategies for Student Recruitment


Enquiry to application, application to enrolment, how do you communicate with your potential students? Communications are critical and should be designed to promote the feeling that you are interested in the student. Students believe that the way a university communicates with them will be reflective of their experience at the university.

Students want personalised, present, fast paced, honest and emotional communications that are relevant to their requirements.  If students receive informative communications written in an engaging style they are more likely to enrol at the university.  Students that are well informed about the university are less likely to dropout.

"The term 'knowledge is power' is the mantra of today's students, they want access to all required information to ensure they have the knowledge to make a decision"

Five information areas have been identified that students require information on to make an informed decision about university. Research shows that student information requirements are the same across the globe, however the priority may be different. 

The Information Communication Audit will provide a university with an overview of how effective their communications are with potential students.  We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide an Information Communication Audit of the website and the email communications.

Our objective position allows us to engage relevant university stakeholders in the student recruitment process in providing required information

Email subject lines are important to engage students and develop a personalised relationship.  By providing the right information in the right words HE Coms have achieved email opening rates of up to 80%