Co-design - Practical Application of Knowledge for Recruitment

Universities are complex organisations, not only is there a hierarchical management structure there are many management divisions and faculties.  Researching and analysing the methods used by universities to recruit international students saw a number of inefficient systems and waste.  What was apparent that recruitment drives were driven top down with the focus on meeting recruitment targets. 

HE Coms adopted a co-design approach to understand what the problem was with the current recruitment methods.  Students were identified as the end user with the  management, departments and faculties as key stakeholders.

Extensive research was carried out with students using a number of research methods, the problem was identified and stakeholders, along side professionals, used a co -design base  to develop innovative solutions which were tested on students.  A student centred approach was adopted with students becoming the centre of communications and stakeholders accommodating students needs.  

This approach has produced excellent outcomes with increased student enquiries and enrolments.