Content is the making of Content….

Website Content is key to ensure users turn into customers

Its not about more content…its about the right content.  20 words of relevance is better than 200 words of irrelevant chat.

You have a headline to engage your customer, it has to be hyper relevant, so what is relevant to your customers?

Google (as part of SEO)  assess your website on how interesting, informative and helpful your content is  by user interaction;  how quickly a person clicks on a page, how many people click, how long they spend on the page and where they go. These factors are called engagement metrics….do you know yours?

Content is key, positive experience is essential.  The user experience has to be personal, useful, desirable, valuable, credible, accessible, useable.  This again reflects how we need to understand the user. Do you know the questions your user seeks answers to?

Is your presentation sending your customers running in the opposite direction? We all know that today block paragraphs are OUT!   We need a readable style: Text broken into chunks, headings, bullet points, short paragraphs, short sentences, easy words and images

Are key words key anymore? Keywords need to flow in the content, long tail key words will attract more focused customers, however if content doesn't engage and customers leave your site keywords won’t help.

Establish keywords by researching your users intent, what are they searching and what keywords will provide the answer.

The keyword rules:  Use a keyword variation in the page title

        Use a variation in Header 1

        Use a variation on content

        Use a variation in image tag

Keyword; business degree  Variations: Internationally ranked business degree,  business in degree in Melbourne etc…

The Metadata talks to the user, so use keywords or describe keywords in your metadata to ensure you engage the user.

Joanna Turner

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