It is Not Broken Why Fix It?

Change Management

There are many reasons not to fix it as change can cause ripples across your university.  But on the other hand if you wait for it to break the potential ripples can become tidal waves. 

How change is perceived into days work place:

  • Change is a frightening concept it seems for lots of people, the concept can install a loss of control into staff causing anxiety and unrest.
  • With change comes a fear of moving into the unknown…. “ Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t ”  (last metaphor I promise!).
  • Whereas surprises outside of work are generally good, surprises at work tend to be related to change and are disliked
  • Something different lurking in the background makes staff feel uncomfortable
  • For those staff that were involved in creating the current model change can mean a loss of face
  • There is also the issue of staff competence as they wonder if they will be able to manage in a new system
  • Change raises fear of an increased work load for staff  and the threat of job loses
  • The concept of change if not managed in the right way can cause negative ripples across the organisation
  • Past resentments need to be aired before they become a part of the future

Change is not something to be feared, change should be embraced as a motivating and exciting opportunity.  However, for this to happen change needs be externally managed by an expert that understands university systems and will engage the staff in embracing change. 

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