Understanding Teaching Quality From the Students' Perspective


The term teaching quality is hard to define, there are a number of papers that provide a definition but it seems there is no clear cut global definition.  However, for many it is academic, how academics deliver in the classroom and the learning outcomes.  This is why many institutions shy away from mentioning teaching quality in marketing material.   For students teaching quality is becoming increasingly important  for selecting the right university. 

Todays students recognise teaching quality as being made up of a number of areas. The good news for institutions is that how students measure teaching quality makes it accessible to all institutions. In the eyes of the student teaching quality is personal based on individual needs. 

Key areas that all institutions can ensure students have access to information on are:

Educational Method:   How is the programme delivered to the student?  Lecturers? tutorials? Problem based Learning? Practicals?

Lecturers & Researchers:  Are the lecturers academics or practioners? are there visiting lecturers?

Student/Staff Ratio:  Number of academic staff to students

Contact Hours:  Number of hours tuition per week

Student Satisfaction:  Feedback on student experience if the programme

Accreditation:  Is the programme accredited to an association or professional body? is it recognised overseas?

Joanna Turner

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