Challenges in Student Recruitment - Systems, Processes and Mindsets



Student acquisition is at the core of every international office, student acquisition cost (SAC) costs can be driven down by analytics. Using analytics means that we never get complacent, we are making adjustments to markets before changes occur…we are ahead of the game.

For instance a university has india as a region, in that region it is investing in a number of marketing channels for example: 

  • Agents
  • Attending in country student recruitment events
  • Online advertising 
  • Social media

The university is wanting to increase the number of students from India and invests into its agent network across India. Yet analytics are showing that enrolments from India are only coming from a two main areas and that enquiries from other regions of india have increased on the internet. The university looks to experts and technology to see how it can make the current scenario more cost effective. It also starts to monitoring if this is a growing trend and start growth hacking to become more efficient and effective in the region.

The value of this analytical data becomes increasingly important overtime as then we see changes and patterns and shift approach accordingly.  

Analytics is very core for growth hackers; a hybrid model crossing; marketer, software developer, innovator and creator  However, the individual growth hacker can also become growth hackers: a team using experts to fill the many areas  of expertise required for growth hacking.  This team needs to encompass the vision for growth, the acceptance to engage with others, technology and innovation

Growth hacking starts with a dull edge utilises analytics and data , implements technology and creativity to become razor sharp 

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