Engaging today's Student - Knocking Down Text Walls

Travelling with a well-known airline last week I was interested to see that the inflight magazine had an index that was an infographic, in fact a number of articles and adverts were using infographics and the question of the future of wall text in advertising and marketing was once again brought to mind.
We know todays potential students will discern the entire content of an email from the first line or two. The use of images and graphics gets past this, as information can be picked up very quickly from these methods but is this an adequate way of getting important information across? Traditionally we always say you need to see it in writing, does it stand up when you say I saw the diagram?
The reality is whether we like it or not today’s millennials are time short with attention spans that have to be caught in a second.  The challenge for today’s marketers is ensuring that all the important information is accessible in an engaging manner.  For many this is alien, for others it is shocking that today’s younger generation won’t read a wall text.
The reality is exciting, creating complex information in an engaging way. What is also interesting is how information sticks if it is presented in a simple format.  For instance this blog could easily be an infographic or just four sentences with images…….