Student decision making process

Although many academics find it difficult to accept, the international student is increasingly been seen as a consumer by universities, the behaviour that is exhibited by students when making that important decision resembles that of a consumer.  The decision making process for students is complex impacted by external and internal factors.  What is key is that students require clear communications to answer the many questions they have to ask universities.  The diagram below reflects a number of decision areas that can be identified in student decision making process. 

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Chinese students' decision-making process: A case of a Business School in the UK - The International Journal of Management Education July 2012     

However, the growth in the number of degrees across the globe on offer to students and more importantly the increased costs has made another factor an important part of the decision making process - employment prospects.  This is measured in many ways by students, employment outcomes of graduates, internships in degree programmes, and links with industry/business and lecturers background.

The complexity of student decision making has to be embraced by the institution and communicated through new media to students.  The channel of communication is clear but the content within the delivery is also very important, today's students do not engage with block text they are looking for clear, concise and to the point.