About Us

HE Coms specialises in co-design, communications and  project management.  Director Joanna Turner has over 20 years experience in co-design, capability building and project management within the education sector.  HE Coms is a credible international company working with universities across the world using co-design to provide innovative solutions to international student recruitment.

We undertake research and engage with key stakeholders and professionals to understand challenges and establish new and innovation solutions:

  • Practised in generative design research, ethnographic style research, quantitive and qualitative research, literature search, focus groups, interviews and best practice
  • Establish and engage with key stakeholders and build and maintain relationships, engage professionals when required
  • Able to lead, and install confidence in, a human centred approach driven by a co-design approach
  • Management leadership that ensures projects are effective and efficient and have a long term impact
  • Succinct, clear and creative communications that engage others and enable an understanding of complex ideas.