Simple ways to engage with students and make lasting relationships



What are you wanting to say to your audience? - Understand the importance of presenting content messages in a clear and concise manner for relationship development

Ensure you fully understand who your message is for - The target audience for this article is international student recruiters, to illustrate the importance of content in relationships with students

Define/explain unfamiliar words - Keep it simple use familiar words or explain unfamiliar 
words Relationship development is understood as how we engage with potential students to gain trust
and respect.

Use a sentence outline-  Plan your message with sentences

  • I want recruiters to understand the importance of content in engaging with potential students
  • It is essential to embrace the importance of content in student recruitment
  • Outlining simple techniques will make a difference to how my audience writes content
Write like you are writing with bullet points, one sentence paragraphs - Sentence paragraphs are easier to scan and read

Short sentences-  Keep sentences to the point - No rambling, short and concise

Don’t use long words -   Simple language do not complicate with long words

Writing tools will tell you what is good and what is not - Use a writing tool to help get you use to the style (eg StyleWriter Professional)

Consistent -  Make sure you style is the same in all your messages and across all your marketing material 

Master Clarity -  Ensure that your messages are succinct and engaging avoiding to many words and long